August 27, 2004.


Re : SEBI (Central Database of Market Participants) Regulations, 2003


Members are hereby informed that SEBI has issued the following circular no. MRD/DOP/MAPIN/Cir –26 /2004 dated 16/8/2004 in respect of SEBI (Central Database of Market Participants) Regulations, 2003.

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E-mail: MRD/DOP/MAPIN/Cir –26 /2004

August 16, 2004

1. The Executive Directors/Managing Director/Administrators

of All Stock Exchanges

2. All Mutual Funds registered with SEBI

3. Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI)

4. All Collective Investment Schemes registered with SEBI

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sub: SEBI (Central Database of Market Participants) Regulations, 2003.

  1. The SEBI (Central Database of Market Participants) Regulations, 2003 were notified on November 20, 2003 and subsequently amended vide SEBI (Central Database of Market Participants) (Amendment) Regulations, 2004 notified on July 21, 2004.
  2. Pursuant to clause (g-) of sub regulation (1) of Regulation 2 of the captioned Regulations, SEBI has appointed the National Securities Depositories Limited (NSDL), as the Designated Service Provider for the purpose of the said Regulations.
  3. Pursuant to the notification dated July 30, 2004 issued under the captioned Regulations, SEBI has, interalia, specified as under:
  4. 3.1. Sub-brokers within the meaning of rule 2(f) of the SEBI (Stock-Brokers and Sub-brokers) Rules, 1992 as ‘ specified Intermediaries’ , who along with their related persons are required to obtain Unique Identification Numbers (UIN) before December 31, 2004.

    3.2. All investors being bodies corporate as ‘ specified investors’ , who along with their promoters and directors are required to obtain a UIN before December 31, 2004.

    3.3. All investors, whether bodies corporate or not, intending to avail of the margin trading facility in terms of the requirements laid down by the Board, as ‘ specified investors’ , are required to obtain a UIN before August 31, 2004.

  5. It is to be noted that with effect from January 1, 2005,
  6. 4.1. As per the provisions of sub-regulation (1) of regulation (4) of the captioned regulations, no sub-broker being a specified intermediary shall act as such, if the UIN has not been obtained for itself and its related persons by December 31, 2004.

    1. As per the provisions of sub-regulation (2) of regulation 6 of the captioned regulations, no specified investor being a body corporate shall buy, sell or deal in any securities which are listed on any recognized stock exchange or in units of a mutual fund or a collective investment scheme or subscribe to securities which are proposed to be listed in any recognized stock exchange or units of a mutual fund or a collective investment scheme unless such specified investor, its promoters and directors have been allotted UIN by December 31, 2004.

  7. It is also to be noted that from September 1, 2004, no specified investor whether body corporate or not, shall avail of the margin trading facility in terms of the requirements laid down by the Board, unless such investor has obtained a UIN by August 31, 2004.
  8. The SEBI Regulations, Notifications and application forms are available on the SEBI Website as also on the NSDL website

  10. The specified investors, specified intermediaries and their related persons, who are required to obtain a UIN under the said Regulations, may contact NSDL or any Point of Service (POS) mentioned in the Annexure for the purpose of making an application.
  11. While making the application,
  12. 8.1. it is mandatory for the applicant who is a natural person to provide biometric impressions of the left thumb, left index finger, right thumb and right index finger and photograph electronically on the system of the Designated Service Provider.

    1. an applicant shall ensure that he furnishes correct and true information.Attention is invited to Regulation 15 which prohibits a person from makinga false statement or misrepresentation of any fact in any application made to the Designated Service Provider and Regulation 20 which specifies the action for false information.

9. It may also be noted that the specified intermediary/ related persons/ specified investors have the following continuing obligations after being allotted UIN:

9.1. To intimate changes, if any, in the particulars submitted to the MAPIN Database within 30 days

9.2. To ensure that within 30 days of any person becoming a related person he has been allotted or has applied for a UIN.

10. Contravention of the above would invite action as specified in Regulation 19of the captioned Regulations.

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Members are advised to comply with the aforesaid directives of SEBI.





ANNEXURE – Details of Point of Service


Integrated Enterprises [India] Limited

21, Nirman Ground Floor

Behind Navrangpura Bus Stop


Ahmedabad – 380 009

Tel No.: (079) - 2644 3289 / 7825

Contact Person: Mr. G. R. Balaji


Geojit Financial Services Limited

303, IIIrd Floor, House of Lords,

St. Marks Road, Bangalore – 560 001

Tel No.: (080) - 227 1259

Contact Person: Mr. Laiju Paul


Integrated Enterprises [India] Limited

2nd Floor, Kences Towers, No.1

Ramkrishna Street, North Usman Road,

T. Nagar,

Chennai 600 017

Tel No.: (044) - 2814 0801 - 03

Contact Person: Mr. R. Murali

Geojit Financial Services Lmited

C-53, Chinthamani,

Annanagar East,

Chennai 600102

Tel No.: (044) - 26193401

Contact Person : S. Sivakumar


Geojit Financial Services Limited

4th Floor, Finance Towers,

Kaloor, Cochin – 682 017

Tel No.: (0484) - 2405501

Contact Person: Mr. Bijukumar N.


Karvy Consultants Limited

46, Avenue 4, Street No.1,

Banjara Hills,

Hyderabad – 500 034.

Tel No. (040) - 2331 2454 / 2332 0251

Contact Person: Mr. Yatin Sang


Alankit Assignments Limited

101-104, Luhadia Tower

Ashok Marg, ‘ C’ Scheme


Tel No.: (0141) - 237 4531 – 33

Contact Person: Mr. Sumit Agrawal


CMC Limited

SDF Building, Sector – V

Module 219 – 222 ,

Salt Lake,

Kolkata – 700 091

Tel No.: (033) - 2357 7050 / 3248 / 3249

Contact Person: Mr. Arif Anwar

Karvy Consultants Limited

49, Jatin Das Road

Kolkata – 700 029

Tel No.: (033) - 2464 4891 / 2464 7231

Contact Person: Mr. Vijay Dhanuka


CMC Limited

CMC House, C-18,

Bandra Kurla Complex,

Bandra [East],

Mumbai 400 051

Tel No.: 2659 1000 / 01 / 02, 26591039, 26591048, 26591796

Contact Person: Mr. S Ramanathan

Geojit Financial Services Limited

"Saooli", 29, J.P.Road

Andheri (West)

Mumbai 400 053

Tel No.: 2623 9200

Contact Person: Aruna Kadam

Geojit Financial Services Limited

Office No. 3, 1st Floor, Natwar Chamber

94, Nagindas Master Road


Mumbai – 400 023

Tel No.: 56368911-13

Contact Person: Mr. Hemant

Integrated Enterprises [India] Limited

Chamber D, A to Z Business Chambers

No 30, Tamarind Lane


Mumbai – 400023

Tel No.: 22632293 / 94

Contact Person: Mr. Gopalakrishnan Anand

Karvy Consultants Limited

16/22, Bake House

Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce Lane

Opp. MSC Bank,


Mumbai 400 023

Tel No. : 022 56064261

Contact Person: Mr. Gurmeet

New Delhi

Alankit Assignments Limited

205-208, Anarkali Complex, Jhandelwalan Extension,

New Delhi 110 055.

Tel No.: (011) - 2361 0220 - 24

Contact Person: Mr. Rajeev Berk