18th  October,2004.





Brokers Database



            Members are hereby informed that SEBI vide its Circular No.SMD/Policy/CIR/7/98 dated 16th February,1998 directed the Exchange to maintain broker data base in respect of members of the Exchange. Accordingly, the Exchange has been issuing the notice from time to time requesting the members for providing the data in the prescribed proforma of SEBI to enable the Exchange to maintain the broker data base.  Further, SEBI in his last inspection report for the period ended January,2004 has also directed the Exchange for expediting the process of establishing the broker data base.


In view of the above, you are requested to provide the required data as per the prescribed proforma of SEBI, a copy of which may be collected from Sri Samar Ghosh and/or Sri Tilak Bakshi of the Membership Department of the Exchange. The proforma can also be downloaded from the CSE website – www.cse-india.com.  You are requested  to comply with the said SEBI directive positively within 15 days from the date hereof.





(Secretary & Actg. E.D.)