January 15, 2004


Further to the Exchange’s notice dated 30th December, 2003 regarding SEBI (Central Database of Market Participants) Regulations, 2003 (MAPIN Database), where it has been made a mandatory obligation on intermediaries and other entities registered with SEBI to obtain Unique Identification number for themselves, their employees, directors and associates. The deadline to obtain such unique ID is 31st March,2004.

CMC Limited is one of the Points of Service (POSs) appointed by SEBI & NSDL for receiving applications, issuing unique identification number and identity cards for MAPIN activity for Eastern and Western regions.

The Exchange will hold a joint awareness programme with CMC Limited on Monday, the 19th January, 2004 at 4.00 P.M. in the Trading Hall of the Exchange on the registration process for the members of the Exchange. Members are requested to please make it convenient to attend the awareness programme to get themselves acquainted with the process of registration.


( Secretary )