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Basket of services

This section would cover the various DP related services CSE provides to their clients.

The names and signatures of the account holders should be exactly in the same order as mentioned on1 the certificates to be dematerialised. All communications shall be sent at the correspondent address of the sole or first holder only.

In case of additional signatures, separate annexure should be attached to the application form.

A Magistrate or a Notary Public or a Special Executive Magistrate must attest thumb Impressions and signatures other than in English or in Hindi or any of the other languages not contained in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution of India.

The applicant(s) should furnish along with the application form a copy of Identity and address, in addition of obtaining PAN card of all the holders is compulsory for all categories of Demat account holders to the satisfaction of the CSE DP (depository participant).

The DP C1ient Agreement should be signed at the time of opening of account. The stamp duty may vary from state to state and hence, care should be taken to get the appropriate value of stamp.

As minor accounts are to be operated by the guardian, the guardian should sign across the photograph of the minor. MICR code in bank details is a must and should be clearly mentioned In the form.


          Conversion of physical shares into electronic format

          Fill up the DRF in triplicate With your Demat Account No.(CDSL BC ID) correctly Handover the share certificates and DRF at the counter

          Use a separate DRF for each eligible security

          Cancel the certificates by writing or stamping across the share certificate "Surrendered for Dematerialisation" and punch on the top of the certificates.

          The credit will be given to your Demat Account after confirmation by the Company / Registrar normally within a period of 30 days


          Converting your electronic shares into physical form

          Fill-up Rematerialisation Request Form (RRF) Submit the completely filled RRF at the counter

          Your account will be debited immediately and the share certificates inn physical form will be issued by the concerned Company / Registrar normally within a period of 45 days


          You can exercise the option of Demat credit of the shares that are sent for transfer to the R& T

          Fill in the Transfer-cum-Demat form and submit it at our branches along with Option Letter / issued by the R&T


          In case of death of any holder you can instruct for transmission of the holdings to the beneficiary / survivors account. Fill up the Transmission form for this purpose

          Your holdings Will be credited to the new account after opening a new Demat Accounts for the Survivors / beneficiary


          Facility of transposition-cum-Demat which allow investors to transpose names of the joint holders along With the process of denationalisation through their DPs. In case of transposition-cum-denationalisation, the client can get the securities dematerialised In the same account if the names appearing on the certificates match with the names in which the account has been opened but are In a different order, by submitting the security certificates along With the Transposition form and the Dematerialisation Request form (DRF) to the DP.

Delivery and Receipt:

          Sale or purchase through your broker, as usual

          A Delivery Instruction Slip (OIS) IS an instruction for delivering your Demat shares after the same has been sold.

          After confirmation of sale by your broker, fill up the DIS from the Delivery Instruction booklet given at the account opening stage. You're your Demat Account will he debited on execution date as per DIS

          The DIS should be submitted immediately at your CSE after sell confirmation. Jf DIS IS not received within the pay-In period, the trade would fail and may result in auction

          For purchase of shares, instruct your broker to credit the shares to your Demat. Account With CSE. For this purpose, give your BO ID to the broker. Ensure that the standing instruction is enabled for auto crediting your account.

ACCOUNT Freeze and Defreeze:

          You have an option of freezing or defreezing the operations in your account or restrict operations for debits only.

          Fill the Freeze or defreeze form by correctly mentioning your Demat Account No (BO ID)

          For revoking the freeze the same form is used with the defreeze option checked

Pledging and Unpledging:

          You have the option of pledging your Demat shares and availing of a loan facility agall1st shares

Corporate Action benefit:

          Bonus on eligible securities will be automatically credited to your DP account by NSDL based on the allotment advice received from the Company / Registrar

          Rights and debenture conversions will also be credited on allotment.

          Dividends would be credited to your bank account mentioned In the Demat account provided you have exercised the option of taking ECS credit.(For availing this facility you would have to mention the MICR no. While opening DP account

Statement of Account:

          Your Statement of Transaction cum holding will be made available to you on a fortnightly basis, provided there is a transaction. The Statement of Transaction can be requested at any time, if required, at a nominal cost.

          Even if there is no transaction in the account over the quarter you will receive a Statement of Holding on a quarterly basis.